StaffPlace understands that in today's market there are so many choices of staffing agencies a company can choose from for their hiring needs. What makes one more desirable than another? We strongly feel that the old tradition of developing partnerships through trust, honesty, hard work, and integrity separates one company from another. Finding the ideal matches for open positions is only one important part of the equation. Building a strong client relationship, understanding each client's different needs, and knowing the environment of each client is so critical.

Benefits we provide to the client:

  • Temporary Staffing-providing all payroll and insurance services for contract employees.
  • Direct Placement- providing full time placement with guarantees.
  • Temporary-to-Hire Program- establishing very fair rates for a conversion to permanent hire after a set time period on contract.
  • Contingency and retained commission structures- will work with each client to establish what is best for the hiring situation.
  • StaffPlace takes the time to understand the client's technologies, their environment, corporate philosophies, and what direction the company is trying to pursue.

If possible we like to visit and meet our clients, as this helps us visualize the atmosphere of the facilities, and in turn we can relay this to our candidates to make them feel more comfortable upon arrival.

Thorough candidate screening, including reference checks and interviews.

We have state of the art recruiting technology, with an up to date database and network of some of the strongest technology professionals in the US.

Seasoned Technical Recruiters, which enables us to reach out into the IT world and find the ideal candidates within reasonable time periods.

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