Candidate Services

StaffPlace has clients from small private businesses to large corporations that are continually looking for technical people to help them with their IT needs. These positions range from short-term contract assignments to full time placement.

Benefits we provide to the Candidate:

  • Listening to you- determining what you really want out of your next position.
  • Resume advice- help with resume design constructed towards each clients needs.
  • Extensive talks with you- determine your technical and personality strengths, helping us determine a good fit for you.
  • Advice for the interview- we know our clients well and will give you solid knowledge of what they are looking for during the interview process.
  • We offer salary negotiations on your behalf, inform you on benefit packages, negotiate counter offers, make sure you are comfortable with the commute, and will make sure all your questions are answered before you accept a position.

StaffPlace will always keep in touch- we know that the basis of our success is based on keeping strong relationships with you.

We actually do care about your success!

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